Our Process

Greenwright provides customized services to meet the specific needs of each project.  Since no two projects are exactly alike, the solutions that present themselves are shaped according to the unique demands of existing conditions and design intent.

With all the oftentimes conflicting and inaccurate information available on both television and the internet, it can be difficult for most owners to understand what might be involved in a given construction project.  While most owners may consider the traditional route of procuring plans for their project and then gathering three estimates from contractors – the traditional design-bid/build process – Greenwright strongly recommends working closely with a builder from the start, instead of an architect or designer – to help save time and more effectively allocate resources, both during the initial and construction phases.

In order to achieve optimal results, Greenwright dives deep into the details and considers the various factors that could affect the desired outcome in specific ways prior to breaking ground.  This is referred to as the preconstrution process, and we believe it to be an invaluable part of successfully delivering a premium finished product.

When you contact us, we’ll first discuss your goals and project intent over the phone to get an idea of what you would like to accomplish.  If we think we’ll be able to help you, we’ll then make an initial visit to your project site in order to  meet with you and discuss your vision in greater depth.  If plans are available, we’ll briefly review them at that time as well.

After we’ve established a general path forward, we’ll discuss broad implications of existing design intent for project budget, simultaneously referencing select regional cost data, if applicable.  Next, we’ll proceed with by executing our standard preconstruction agreement so as to begin to generate greater granularity with respect to project details.  If additional design services are required, we’ll initiate them at this time.

By the time the preconstruction process is completed, you’ll have a detailed scope of work and a highly accurate project price.  Since we’ve taken the time to, among other things, eliminate as many surprises as possible, identify specific tasks and products, and help accommodate your desired budget, the end result is a greater degree of confidence in our ability to bring the plans to life in as streamlined a manner as possible.

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